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Note that Kai’Sa’s multiple Plasma application from her [W] calculates the damage from each of those applied Plasma stacks separately, via her Caustic Wounds passive. Her Passive’s total damage from a single [W] is the sum of those 2 (or 3) applied stacks, calculated progressively (or retroactively). This is why her [W] poke damage seems higher than the tooltip’s in-game numbers indicate.

Example 1: Evolved [W] on a fresh target will first apply her Passive’s 0-stack damage, followed by the 1- and then 2-stack damage (3 Plasma application = sum of 3 instances of damage). The target would end up 3 current Plasma stacks.

Example 2: Evolved [W] on a 4-stack target: (4-stack damage + Pop damage) + 0-stack damage + 1-stack damage. This target would end up with 2 current Plasma stacks. The 4-stack + Pop damage is one instance.

Footage from: January 18, 2022

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