Theorycrafting: Manamune on Standard ADCs (Twitch Gameplay)

Why Manamune? Compared to the standard Infinity Edge rush, you lose out on a bit of DPS when IE completes, but make up for it later by being significantly stronger while attaining that point much sooner (because Manamune is so cheap). Presence of Mind also allows for sustained mana to maintain high Muramana proc damage in teamfights. Muramana proc can deal up to 120+ bonus damage per singular hit.

Interesting interaction with Twitch, specifically: His R hits and Runaan bolts both apply the Muramana on-hit separately. Meaning you can effectively hit up to 2 targets with two instances of Muramana per basic attack (4 if you go Guinsoo’s Rageblade).

Footage from: June 29, 2020

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▼ Time Stamps

[0:00] Basic Munamune Theorycrafting & Testing
[1:47] SoloQ
[19:09] Cull vs Doran’s Blade
[20:15] Thoughts on Manamune on ADCs
[21:25] More on Cull
[23:33] Playing around your support

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[Start] Dark Souls II OST – Fire Keepers
[End] Donkey Kong Country [SNES] – Bonus Room Blitz

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